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Debate-Inspired Online PD Series

The purpose of the 2020-21 Debate-Inspired Classrooms Online PD series is to provide educators with:

  1. Tools, strategies, and insights to foster classroom community and student voice, argumentation, and collaboration in a remote and hybrid learning setting.

  2. Connection to a community of educators engaged in this practice.

The structure of the PD series is designed to give educators a chance to try out strategies and approaches as learners, and debrief as educators.  It privileges teachers being leaders as well as learners, and sharing expertise and insights with each other.  


Most sessions are 60 minutes, while some that feature activities that require more time will be 90 minutes. A typical PD session may include: 

  • Welcome & Brief Community Builder  

  • Hands-On Debate-Inspired Activity OR Teacher Panel Discussion

  • Debrief & Connections to Practice


No events at the moment

Research skills for debate and Beyond

Criminal Justice reform overview

Student-led activism

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